A native of Georgia, Daniel Cowan, aka Dan Random, moved from Savannah to Atlanta to further his artistic career. To his credit, Dan is an author, musician, singer, composer, and producer with nine CD’s under his belt. In the last ten years, he has written and copyrighted close to a hundred musical compositions, along with several poems and his first Sci-Fi novel with a sound track.The new book is designed to be part of a series.

Dan’s moniker evolved from his ability to compress several styles of music into a common thread that is unmistakably distinctive and entertaining. This same concept was embellished in his first book, which keeps moving from scene to scene and action to adventure. You never know what to expect from one song to the next, one chapter to the next, giving the experience an element of perpetual surprise and wonder. His audience reflects the art, encompassing a wide sweeping appeal to a diverse crowd of all ages and interest.