Better Than The Day Before


1. Blind Eye
Dan Random  


2. I Was There
Dan Random  


3. Magnet & Steel
Dan Random  

1.      Blind Eye
2.      I Was There
3.      Better Than the Day Before
4.      Willy the Worm
5.      Magnet and Steel
6.      What’s the Matter, Otis
7.      Know My Name
8.      Cold Around Here
9.      Forgotten Friend
10.   Golden Slumbers
Better that the Day Before – released in 2010, this CD introduced a number of new musicians Dan was
working with as well as his staple crew, with Scott Patton producing and Bruce Bennett engineering.
This CD became the best digitally selling CD to date, and received one Grammy nomination. It also
introduced a couple of songs co-written by his son, Grant who contributed to the title track, Better than
the Day Before.

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