Get Back, I’m Dangerous


1. Bad Attitude
Dan Random  


2. Exposed to Time
Dan Random  

1.       Bad Attitude
2.       They’ll never run Dixie
3.       Exposed to Time
4.       E.Z.
5.       Get Back I’m Dangerous
6.       What’s the Matter, Otis
7.       What Do I
8.       Holdin on with an Open Hand
9.       LightHouse
Get Back I’m Dangerous – released in 1993, it was Dan Random’s first CD and the first time he released
an album under the alias, Dan Random. It was also the first time the music had national distribution.
The title song and album cover was inspired by the fact that Dan was taking Tai Kwan Doe , which oddly
enough improved his vocal strength. He attributes that to all the yelling that goes along with the kicks.
While it appears he is fighting out of his league on the cover, once the CD is opened you find she had the
last word.



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