Just As Real


1. Metaphysical Breakdown
Dan Random  


2. Lonely One
Dan Random  


3. Crank It Up!
Dan Random  

1.       What’s the Matter, Otis?

2.       Often

3.       Metaphysical Breakdown

4.       Together

5.       Just As Real

6.       The Girl Doesn’t Know

7.       Lonely One

8.       Now and Then

9.       Crank it Up

10.     Party Song

Just as Real – released in 2002, this was Dan’s first release on larger label, South Tracks ran by  Bill
and Butch Lowery, known as the Lowery Group. This was also the first release to be actually marketed
on a grander scale resulting in the song, “What’s the matter, Otis “ to receive national airplay and sales.
Dan would go on to re-arrange and re-record this song, twice more and introduce a sequel on his 8 th CD.



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